Nothing is Afoot

Dad came out of his office today while I was busy being in charge of the whole house.

gus in the middle of the living room floor

Dad didn’t understand why I was in the middle of the floor. I said, “why wouldn’t I be in the middle? Everything around me is mine, after all.”

gus is up to something

Dad didn’t think this was amusing at all.

gus turns his back on me

So I turned my back on him, to show him my disapproval.

gus looks back at me

“Oh, you’re still there?”

gus on his hind legs

Then I got up on my hind legs to look around – y’know, because it’s important to keep an eye on every level of my domain – and then took off, leaving dad in the dust.

It’s a tough job, but somebunny’s gotta do it.


4 thoughts on “Nothing is Afoot

  1. Glenna

    I don’t know, Gus. You look kind of little and sweet in these photos. Not tough at all, for a guy who’s in charge of the whole house.

  2. Gus

    W…what? I’m tough! I’m super tough! I’m the toughest bun in this house, for sure! I can lift up a big cardboard box and toss it with just my teeth! I have stand-offs with dad all the time, and I win!

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