Rabbit Rescue in San Jose

People who dump rabbits outside like this are the worst kind of people. I’d bite their ankles if I ever came across them. And the teenagers who shoot the dumped rabbits? I’d show them how much I’m like that rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail!!!

Although my mum and dad regularly donate money to the kind people at SaveABunny, they need foster homes pretty badly as well. Unfortunately, these things always seem to happen way over on the other side of the country from us.

So if you happen to live near this San Jose place and can share a bit of your home with a poor lost bunny… well I think that’d be a great thing for you to do.

My dad likes to say “you can judge people based on how they treat their animals.” Things like this make me wonder about you two-foots sometimes…


Gus's Newer Portrait

Please Don’t Steal Bunnies

We just read this story about how 3 bunnies were stolen from a New Jersey home. We felt so awful. Who would steal a bunny, let alone 3? And apparently we live in New Jersey now, as well. (All states look pretty much the same through bunny-vision.)

Betsy and I agree on this one. Please don’t steal bunnies. If anyone knows anything about these 3 bunnies, please let the owner know. I’d like nothing more than to hear about how they got back home safe & sound.


Gus’s Portrait