Tag: rabbit news

  • Rabbit Rescue in San Jose

    Gus lets the whole world know his feelings about people who dump pet rabbits into the wild and let them suffer.

  • Mr. Pinkerton for President!

    I read about Mr. Pinkerton this morning thanks to Lola. What a great idea! A rabbit running (or is is “hopping?”) for president – and a white & pink-eyed bunny, just like me! I fully endorse this candidate! -Gus

  • My Litter-Mates?

    I’m not sure, but these rabbits came from the same city (Fitchburg, MA) where I used to live and where my mom found me. Maybe they are my litter-mates and close relatives? Either way, I am glad they are safe now. They sure do look like me, though!! -Gus

  • Please Don’t Steal Bunnies

    We just read this story about how 3 bunnies were stolen from a New Jersey home. We felt so awful. Who would steal a bunny, let alone 3? And apparently we live in New Jersey now, as well. (All states look pretty much the same through bunny-vision.) Betsy and I agree on this one. Please…