It’s International Rabbit Day; Give Us Some Treats

Today is International Rabbit Day. Wait, isn’t every day “rabbit day” around here?

And does this mean we get more treats today?

any treats hereAre there any treats over here?

hi dad, where are the treatsHey, dad… where are my treats? Don’t you know what day it is?

why aren't you giving me treatsNo treats? I’m… very disappointed in you, dad.

are these shoes treatsLook at poor Betsy, dad. She wants a treat. Won’t you give her (and me) one? I think it’d be in your best interest. If Betsy doesn’t get a treat, she might start hungerly eyeing mum’s shoes, if you know what I mean…

no treatsC’mon dad, how can you say no to us?

I'm over youOh, now you’ve done it. Betsy says “I’m over you, dad.” You’ve been snubbed.

I’ll tell you what, dad… it’s a whole day event here. There had better be some more treats for us by the end of the day. That’s all I’m saying.

Happy International Rabbit Day to everyone else…