Weird Sleeping Position?

Dad says I look weird when I sleep like this:

chuck asleep in his litter box (closeup)

Honestly I don’t know what he’s talking about – it’s perfectly comfortable and I don’t look weird at all. What does he know, anyway? Has he ever slept in a litter box? I think not – so who’s he to judge?


Yummy Greens!

Dad says he grew these greens in his own garden, just for us! Thanks, Dad, they taste great… now, could we get some more?



The nice thing about the carpet here is that I can really dig in and get traction for a good run.

Everybunny loves a good run now and again!






Why no treats?

why haven't you fed me yet?

Got any treats?

got any treats?

C’mon, gimmie treats!

gimmie treats


let me out

…Have I mentioned that I really like treats? If you have any, you’d better give them to me!



Mum and dad always get really excited when they see me jump in the air (they call it a “binky”), but I don’t see what’s so exciting about it – I’m a bunny; of course I can jump!

Dad was especially excited when he was able to film me doing it. Now if only he’ll let me jump behind the couch, hmmmmmmm….