A Bunny Spa Day

Last weekend, dad took us to a “Bunny Spa Day” thing at a nearby pet store.

We got the full treatment – a “bunny massage,” fur brushing, nail clipping… the works.

Of course, it’s all fun and games until someone says “anal scent gland cleaning.” I’m just going to leave it at that.

gus getting a bunny massage

Normally I don’t like people touching me for any reason (I make rare exceptions for when treats are being given out).

gus is just prenting to enjoy this - honestly!

Dad will say he thinks I enjoyed it. But that is ALL LIES.

That is clearly concentrated disapproval.

betsy gets a bunny massage

Um, Betsy, you’re not helping. Don’t let them know you’re enjoying it!

betsy being massaged

Oh dear.

Well, don’t forget what else they’re going to do to you.

betsy is about to get her nails clipped

Yep, the dreaded toenail clipping. I warned you, Betsy!

gus takes a break in a spare litterbox

And what’s up with the litterboxes at this place? Way too small if you ask me.

betsy decompresses in the litterbox

Betsy said the grooming was a bit rough and the stylist didn’t know what to do with her fur.

betsy attends to business

So she had to fix it herself.

gus relaxes for a moment before the car ride home

I was just glad to have a moment’s rest – it was very busy. I did get to sniff a few other bunnies on the way out, but the space was soooo small… there wasn’t much room. Of course, it was raining out that day, so maybe that’s why it was inside.

Dad says that the profits from the bunny spa day go to help local rabbit rescue and shelters… so I won’t say it was a total loss. But I’m not doing another one of those things for a loooong while. You hear me, dad?


Gus's Newer Portrait

On Being Picked Up

Lately, my dad has been picking me up a lot more. I used to hate being picked up soooooo much, but now I guess I’m sort of getting used to it. (I still don’t really like it, though.) The good side of it is that I tend to get a massage on my back from my dad after he picks me up, and that’s kind of nice.


Betsy’s Portrait


I love pats sometimes. Today my dad came home from work and gave me some pats – the nice kind that I really enjoy, right on my head, between my ears. My next favorite pat is when you stroke my whole head and ears, pushing them back. After that, I sometimes like to be patted right behind my head, between my ears. So nice, it’s like being groomed!

However, I do not like it when my mom ruffles the fur on my bum. Naughty mummy!


Gus’s Portrait