Tag: bunnies

  • Buns in the Playframe

    Matilda loves her cardboard A-frame “Playframe” house – she spends just about every day in there, up on the 2nd floor. I think she likes the position of the house as well – it’s at the far side of the room, so she has a view out over the whole room and can see us…

  • Hallway is blocked

    Well, looks like I’m not going to bed tonight – the hallway is blocked; can’t get past. But, maybe if I shake the treat bag…

  • Buns in my office

    Got a visit from the buns the other day – and by “visit” I mean “shakedown for treats.”

  • Good Bunnies (Mostly)

    It always makes me happy to see the buns chowing down on their hay – Chuck in particular really loves when I bring out his clean litter box with fresh hay every day (usually in the afternoon, just after he wakes from his day-long nap). Matilda loves her hay as well, I just wish she…

  • Office visitors

    The buns came to visit me in my office again – but when they realized I wasn’t giving out treats, they soon left.

  • Daytime Sleeping Spots

    Lately the buns have found new sleeping spots – Matilda really, really loves her A-frame house (now that I’ve reinforced the floor) and Chuck has taken to sleeping beside it – often barely visible against the white wall (except for his little nose patch). From across the room, both buns are actually reasonably well camouflaged…

  • Visitors to my office

    Of course, all they wanted to know was if I had any treats.

  • Love Buns…?

    Just laying there, nose-to-nose.

  • Litter Box Bunnies

    Eating their hay like good bunnies.

  • Trying to get a selfie with the buns

    They were not interested in cooperating.