Up late with dad

Last night, my dad stayed up really late with Betsy and I. It was fun to run around, knowing he was watching us. I ran as fast as I could all the way across the house, just to impress him. But you’ve gotta play it cool when you’re done – just act natural, like it was no big deal that you sprinted at full speed across the whole house. So I nibbled on the grass mat after I did that.

I’m pretty sure my dad was impressed.


Gus’s New Portrait

NOT Grooming

So, my dad was giving me my morning treats today, and then he started pulling loose fur from my behind. Now, I know I’m a bit fuzzy back there, and granted, it is a lot better than being picked up and brushed, but still… well, I guess I am sort of shedding at the moment. And I guess it does feel a little bit better now that I don’t have big tufts of fur hanging off my backside. So I guess I’ll let it slide – this time.

On a side note, I was very excited to get breakfast this morning – I was hungry! So when dad brought the bowl around, I jumped for joy and did a total 360. Mmm-mmm, I just love the smell of greens in the morning!


Gus’s Portrait