Back Home after Christmas

I am glad to be home again.

I really did not like the car ride – it scares me so much. And I hate that carrier – I know how dad puts me in there when he says I’ve been bad. Mostly after I dig in the carpet. I really hate it.

But it was nice to hide under the bed when we got there. The whole place smelled like “cat.” I saw the cat once or twice, but he was scared of us. We’ve met him before. He’s a big wuss. (I heard that he was even afraid of the guinea pig who used to live there!)

Gus seemed to settle in OK, but I never liked that place. There wasn’t carpet everywhere – there were strange patches where there was bare wood floor, and that is very slippery and I can’t get a good grip to run (in case someone comes to pick me up). And dad had blocked off all the interesting places & things I wanted to hide in and chew on.

Most of the time I just snuggled with Gus under the bed. It was nice to know that he was there. (And let me say again, I do enjoy being under the bed!)

I saw a few new people there as well – they came to say “hi.” But I didn’t like them. I didn’t know their smell or their looks and that scares me. Gus said it wasn’t too bad, you just had to keep your eyes open in case they tried to touch you or pick you up. But I guess I’m just not that confident – I don’t like having strangers around me!

As I said, I’m very, very glad to be home now. I just love lounging under my chair, or stretching out in the bunny fort. Oh it is good to be home!

Well, it’s getting late in the day, so it’s nap time for me. Goodbye for now!


Betsy’s New Portrait