• Good Bunnies (Mostly)

    Good bunnies eating hay

    It always makes me happy to see the buns chowing down on their hay – Chuck in particular really loves when I bring out his clean litter box with fresh hay every day (usually in the afternoon, just after he wakes from his day-long nap).

    Matilda loves her hay as well, I just wish she was better about eating it… as you can see, she likes to perch on the outside of the litter box and eat the hay from there, and she has a bad habit of letting hay drop to the floor while she’s pulling it from the box. Such a messy eater!

  • Office visitors

    Buns visiting my office

    The buns came to visit me in my office again – but when they realized I wasn’t giving out treats, they soon left.

  • Daytime Sleeping Spots

    Buns in their daytime sleeping spots

    Lately the buns have found new sleeping spots – Matilda really, really loves her A-frame house (now that I’ve reinforced the floor) and Chuck has taken to sleeping beside it – often barely visible against the white wall (except for his little nose patch).

    From across the room, both buns are actually reasonably well camouflaged and hard to see at a glance (not that I think they planned it that way…)

  • “Do you have any food?”

    Matilda: "do you have any food for me?"

    Matilda has a one-track mind – and that track is “food.” This is her saying “do you have any food for me?”

  • Dinnertime Salad

    Buns and their dinnertime salad

    The buns enjoying their dinnertime salad

  • Matilda in the Hallway

    Matilda in the hallway

    Matilda trying (unsuccessfully) to decide which way to go: back up the hallway or into the bedroom? Decisions, decisions…

  • Yoga with Matilda

    Yoga with Matilda

    Trying to do some yoga when I got a “helper”…

  • Where’s Chuck?

    Where's Chuck?

    Oh there you are Chuck! You blend in so well against the white wall.

  • Matilda does not understand “hiding”

    Matilda does not understand "hiding"

    That’s… uh… not how you do “hiding,” Matilda…

  • What are you doing, Matilda?

    Matilda about to hop down from the chair with her long ears dangling

    Matilda, what are you doing up on that chair?!