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Stage 2 of our Total Bunny Conquest Plan: We’re on Twitter!

It’s official: Betsy and I are now on Twitter. We’ve forced dad to put some sort of “twitter widget” on the right-hand side of our blog here, so you don’t even really need to use twitter to see what we’re saying (although to save space it only shows the 3 most recent tweets from each of us). If you’re reading our blog from Google reader or some other RSS-type reader thingy, you’ll need to actually visit our site to see the twitter stuff.

You can also just check out our twitter pages directly; we’re on Twitter as:

There’s also an RSS feed of each of our tweets so you can get them in Google reader or whatever you use, if you prefer.

Don’t worry though, we’ll keep posting pictures & stuff here just the same as always… at least, until we reach the next stage of our Total Bunny Conquest Plan!


Do Bunnies Tweet?

Recently we’ve noticed our pal Lola the Bunny has appeared again on that “twitter” thing. Which got us wondering… do bunnies “tweet?” Or, more to the point, should we “tweet?”

Dad uses the twitter thing, and obviously if he can master it, so can we.

Would anyone read a twitter feed of me & Betsy?

Dad thinks it would be a waste because all we would ever say is either “eating,” “pooping,” or “sleeping.” But we’ve already established that we don’t listen to a thing dad says.

What do you think?