Power Outages Are No Excuse

Listen, dad, I don’t care if we just got some big, early, unexpectedly heavy snowstorm that knocked down trees and branches everywhere and left 2.5 million people in the NJ/NY/CT area without power (including us, until just tonight). That is NO EXCUSE for bringing us breakfast LATE.

buns are not bothered Next time, I expect you to get up on time and feed us on schedule. Got it?








8 responses to “Power Outages Are No Excuse”

  1. D.Moll Avatar

    Yes, Betsy, we, too, have to give your dad a fail 🙁

  2. the bunns Avatar

    We’ld take that breakfast – even a bit late!!!!

  3. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    Poor Betsy – good help is SO hard to find.

    I hope you kept nice and toasty warm while it snowed outside and your humans stumbled around in the dark!

  4. Lisa Avatar

    Uh Oh, Dad. You are in BIG trouble this time.

    I had no idea you guys were in the tri-state area!

  5. fab furs Avatar
    fab furs

    Betsy has things to do and places to go, so a late breakfast is wreaks havoc with her agenda.

  6. Mickey (and Jade) Avatar

    The nerve of these humans–mine wouldn’t let me out of my cage for my evening run after the power went out. I told Mum that I didn’t care if it was dark and cold, I wanted some playtime, but she was afraid I might get accidentally stepped on. Hmph–at least she gave me a flannel sheet to play and snuggle with to keep warm, but still…

  7. Abigail Avatar

    Really, it’s not like he has to go outside to feed you.

  8. Luna Bunns Avatar
    Luna Bunns

    No excuse! Thump!