All I Want in a State…

I lay out my ideals for the “perfect state” – as in, the perfect state to live in.

Why Does Software Break?

An essay on “Why Software Breaks” that touches on the complexities of software and the computer systems on which they are built – a complexity that is inherent to their flexibility, and therefore can never really be reduced or removed.

The Difference Between the Government and the Mafia

I saw this in a discussion over on Slashdot about New York sales/use tax – someone mentioned that “New York has always been a bit bizzare about taxes.” Someone else replied with: They’re not bizarre; they’re just greedy for every dollar they can get their grubby little paws on. Just remember that the only difference … Continue readingThe Difference Between the Government and the Mafia

Check-box reply

Found on Seen On Slash: Your post advocates a (x) technical ( ) legislative ( ) market-based ( ) vigilante approach to fighting spam. Your idea will not work. Here is why it won’t work. (One or more of the following may apply to your particular idea, and it may have other flaws which used … Continue readingCheck-box reply

Gas Tax Holiday: Dumbest Idea Ever

I overheard on the news this morning something about a “gas tax holiday” that someone (Senator Clinton?) was suggesting. My immediate reaction? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Let me explain: First off, giving a “holiday” from gasoline taxes is basically admitting that you’ve failed. You’re basically saying, “I’ve failed to keep … Continue readingGas Tax Holiday: Dumbest Idea Ever