WordPress 2.7 – Nice

That’s not a sarcastic “nice,” or an uninterested “nice,” that’s high-praise “niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

I just happened to be up late last night and logged on to my blog’s admin interface, only to see that WordPress 2.7 had been released. Who-hoo!

I love new versions, especially of free software. I love the way people put their heart and soul into creating these things. As a fellow programmer myself, I can see the signs.

This latest version of WordPress (as you may already know) is a big one – and it shows. The sheer amount of polish (for lack of a better word) is astounding. This is high-class stuff here, folks.

So if you’ve ever considered starting a blog of your own, or if you already have a blog but are using a different blogging platform, now is definately the time to give WordPress a try! And if you’re using an older version of WordPress – upgrade now! Seriously, it’s well worth it.

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.