Desktop Madness Vol. 85

I’ve talked about the OS-Tans before – the amusing, completely un-official, anime-style cute “mascots” or “personifications” of each version of Windows. Some of them are very appropriate (Windows ME-tan), while others just seem… out of place (Vista-tan).

Well, now that Windows 7 is out… that’s right, there’s a new OS-Tan character. And this time, she even has a name: “Madobe Nanami.”

Featured for the Japanese launch of Windows 7 (complete with her own Windows 7 theme including custom wallpapers and sounds), this character is a great match for Windows 7 (the name itself is a pun – in Japanese of course – on the name “Windows 7” – Google it if you want to know more).

Anyway, I’ve got a few wallpapers featuring this fun new character, and for today’s installment of Desktop Madness, I’m going to share them with you.


Desktop Madness Vol. 84

I had promised in the previous installment of Desktop Madness to post any further wallpapers in the same style as that last one – and sure enough, I found another one, this time featuring Tsuruya (and Kyon’s little sister)!

(As always, click on the image above to get the full-sized wallpaper image.)

As far as I can tell, that’s it for this “series.” I haven’t been able to find any more in this style beyond the ones I’ve already posted.

Desktop Madness Vol. 83

Today’s desktop madness features Haruhi herself – drawn, I believe, in the style of the manga, rather than the anime series. (As always, click the thumbnail below to get the full-sized wallpaper image.)

Apparently it turns out that there is a series of these wallpapers for various characters, and I seem to have some of them already posted: here’s one for Mikuru, and here’s one for Yuki.

In the spirit of “gotta collect them all,” I will keep my eyes open for any others in this series and post them here on Desktop Madness as I get them!

Desktop Madness Vol. 82

This is a little late for Valentine’s Day, but I thought I’d post it anyway, because I’m really into Lucky Star these days.

Desktop Madness Vol. 81

For those people who actually “celebrate” Valentine’s day, here’s a couple of sappy, lovey-dovey, deeply “red” wallpapers for your (or your significant other’s) enjoyment.