Desktop Madness Vol. 95

For this 95th installment of Desktop Madness, here’s a wallpaper that I actually made myself!

mossy cascade

I took this photo when I was on a hike out at the Delaware Water Gap. Since this is one of my photos, it’s hosted over on Flickr, but you can still download the full-sized version from there.

Desktop Madness Vol. 94

Words of wisdom:

Desktop Madness Vol. 93

I just love it when this picture rotates onto my desktop… I’m kind of a sucker for these fantasy/technology mixes.

Also: I want one of these flying machines SO BAD. Seriously.


Desktop Madness Vol. 92

As usual, this installment of Desktop Madness celebrates that invention of the¬†confectionery¬†industry, Valentine’s Day.

Try to have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone (even if you don’t get any chocolate)!

Desktop Madness Vol. 91

Here’s a bunch of wallpapers to go with my recent review of the anime K-ON!. Enjoy!

  • k-on kotobuki tsumugi
  • k-on cast in club room
  • k-on don't be lazy costumes
  • k-on let's go 2009 live event poster
  • k-on let's go 2009 yokohama arena official pamphlet
  • k-on akiyama mio
  • k-on cast
  • k-on hirasawa yui
  • k-on yui jumping
  • k-on tainaka ritsu
  • k-on - yui - guitar
  • k-on cast in street clothes
  • k-on 4 original members
  • k-on - ritsu - drums
  • k-on nakano azusa
  • k-on - mio - bass
  • k-on - mugi - keyboard