More on Photography

So just th' other night, I were bein' watchin' th' Discovery Science Channel, and there were bein' a show on about Digital Photography! Aarrr! Although aimed at real “beginners,” there were bein' one very useful tip that I gleaned from it: when takin' long exposures (i.e. at night), use th' self-timer button so that ye don’t get any camera shake from yer hand pushin' th' shutter release. A very useful tip, especially since me camera doesn’t even have th' option fer a remote shutter button.

Another useful bit o' information I gleaned from this show were bein' about Picasa, I'll warrant ye. I had heard o' it long ago, but hadn’t found it t' be very good at th' time, and had subsequently ignored it. Apparently, however, they were bought out by Google and th' tool has since become very, very good. I’m now usin' it t' import & manage all o' me photos, and it does it a fair sight better than th' crappy tools that typically come with a digital camera (and half th' time they don’t work anyway).

I’m also findin' that th' Flickr community it quite vibrant, and I must say – there are a lot o' good photographers out there, takin' lots o' really good photos, and dinna spare the whip! I hope t' someday be able t' count meself among those people. ;-)

There’s just so much that can be done once ye have a good camera and some time t' devote t' it… I can’t tell ye how excited I am! Just th' fact that I have a photo gallery sidebar-thin' makes me just e'er so happy.

Onwards, digital photography!