Snuggling Bunnies

These two bunnies sure have bonded well. We almost always find them snuggling together when they’re resting.

snuggling bunnies

snuggling bunnies

snuggling bunnies

Awww, what cute bunnies!

UPDATE: You can follow the adventures of Gus and Betsy now on their own blog, The Life and Times of Bunnies!

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6 thoughts on “Snuggling Bunnies”

  1. what kind of rabbits are those? i really want some more house rabbits but i want big ones because the last i had was a dwarf lop and she got lost behind bookcases all the time haha

  2. Gus is a Florida White at about 5.5 lbs and Betsy is a Holland Lop at about 5 lbs.

    And they do tend to find their way “behind” things, which is why I’ve had to take extraordinary measures to keep them safe – i.e. not behind the entertainment center.

  3. They r sooo cute!!! I want one!!!
    but i already got a puppy, a guinea pig and a ferret!!!
    i want a rabbit now!!! u r sooo lucky 2 have them,
    they r sooo cute i can just snuggle and cuddle with them
    myself!!! LOL!!

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