Last night mum and dad went out for dinner & a movie. They came home late, and hadn’t left dinner out for us.

We were waiting when they got home to show them how much we disapprove of this.

double-barrel bunny

“It’s about time you got home. Now feed us!



  1. Uh oh. I’m surprised you didn’t burn a hole of disapproval in the stairs. And the least they could have done is brought you a take-out salad.

  2. You should think about maybe peeing on their bed, or couch, or maybe a favorite chair next time they do that to you. That’s what we would do!

    ~Biff & Sogna

  3. Really, such treatment! When’s the last time they took you out for a romp in the produce section at the market? Buns need to run wild and free through mounds of vegetables on a regular basis. Call a cab if they won’t drive you.

  4. Ugh!! I hate it when humans do stuff like that! They act like they care about us, then they go and pull something like that! Geez… I feel for you guys. Your humans definitely earned their disapproval.

  5. Hi there! Isn’t it amazing to see so many strange moves and actions from out pet bunnies? I also used to interpret their moves and it is just enough to make me smile. I remember locking them up in their rabbit hutch and they make this silly face begging like a pro.

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