Dad’s Gone Crazy

I think dad may have gone crazy. Maybe he’s trying to make up for the unspeakable act of leaving us at the vet for a week. I don’t know. But last night, after feeding us, he sat down outside our enclosure and read us a bedtime story.

Maybe it was because it had rabbits (hares, actually) in it?

I mean, it was a nice story and all (Betsy wasn’t impressed – she’s not the sentimental type) and it did make me sleepy… but still…

Do any other buns’ humans do this sort of weird stuff??


10 thoughts on “Dad’s Gone Crazy

  1. bunnygirl

    I used to read The Runaway Bunny to my first rabbit. She seemed to enjoy it. I tried to read to Tid, but she was too hyper. I haven’t even bothered with Cadbury. He’s so frisky he’d probably eat the book!

  2. D.C. Moll

    Dear Gus and Betsy, your Dad is not crazy, not yet, you need to treat him very gently, humor him, give him little bumps with your noses, be attentive to his needs, listen carefully to bedtime stories and laugh at the right parts…..

  3. Glenna

    Jeez, RG–I think you should line them all up on the sofa and read ’em a book! Sheesh!

    We read the books here, but they’re more along the lines of textbooks. And never Watership Down.

    There’s a rabbit stuff gift shop somewhere out there on the web, where you can buy a poster of Guess How Much I Love You. I’ve been thinking of buying it for the rabbits’ room.

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