I Want to be a “Rock Bun”

I want to be a rock bun. No, not that kind of rock bun – I mean a “rock and roll bunny!”

Yesterday I was practicing by thumping on the floor in dad’s office. He wasn’t being very supportive – he kept telling me to be quite and stop thumping. So I thumped some more!

Eventually he came and chased me around the house a bit and then picked me up and put me on his lap while he worked. I did NOT like that. His lap is all lumpy and not comfortable or safe-feeling AT ALL.

Finally he let me down. I guess I will have to practice my thumping at night!


6 thoughts on “I Want to be a “Rock Bun”

  1. The Bunns

    Oh Betsy .. a Rock star. Will you remember us when you are famous???

    Golly – most of us like to sit on a lap. We wiggle around and get all cozy and even get some soft pettin’ Sometimes we take a few bites from a shirt too!

  2. furrybutts

    hey, betsy, that’s a great idea!! you’ve even got that KISS-look going there, with the chocolate markings around your eyes :p

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